Our Institution is promoted and run by a group of professionals with a passion for education. It is set up with a mission to build socially aware....


    We admit all students irrespective of nationality, color, gender, religion, caste, creed or ability levels as long as they fulfill all the . ..


    We have world-class infra- structure facilities for that complete learning experience for your child. Important among these are:..

Welcome to Our School

Complete knowledge from primary to higher education


Our school report marks an excellent progress, since its inception. School is a mini globe, where students are exposed to learn and discover, a great deal about themselves. Learning helps them to apply knowledge of right schooling, and they inherit certain values to meet the challenges of the day.

The objective of the school is to provide a wholesome, well rounded education with proper stress on extra curricular activities to mould our children into caring and responsible achievers of modern India.

Our Vision is to provide child-centred and activity centred education with a view to developing to an optimum level, the balanced personality of the child thereby preparing each child to take his/her rightful place as a well disciplined.