Features & Benefits

Portal Website: Education portals create a common gateway to the data and services that the people throughout your organization or institution need to effectively share information and work together on projects. With SkoolBag portal solutions, you get:

  • Zero maintenance with our integrated CMS: You no more need to talk to web Design Company to update your website information. Our Integrated CMS feature will offer you easy editor to update your institution information from any computer.
  • Reduced costs. Our SaaS solution brings us to offer you at lowered and affordable costs.
  • Flexible functionality and deployment. Our portals are simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards-based platform means you can start small and roll-out new features and functionality as you are ready.
  • Easy GUI. Adding and customizing content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications.
  • Personalized, role-based access. Providing single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role is simple, so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see.
  • Fundraising Opportunities. We extend to connect small or rural educational institutions from around the world needing funds or grants with donors.
  • Live chat support. A 24 * 7 dedicated support team assists customers with their technical questions or issues.

: Since your organization, institution website is already familiar for your current & prospective students, teachers and teachers. It is more welcoming news for businesses that sell their products e.g. books, uniform sellers to advertise at your site targeting students, parents, and teachers. Why not make revenue for your institution by selling ad space? SkoolBag makes it easy for you to manage these advertisements.

Time Table Management
: Time Table Management is a scheduling feature for any Educational institutes. SkoolBag provides an easy interface to schedule timetables for class, sections, teachers, and staff within minutes. This feature will help administrators to organize classes, staff, lab equipments, classrooms availability to the best extent. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources.  This module integrated with your institution information can fully optimize resources as you allocate them.

  • Define time table and manage all your tangible resources.
  • Print timetables of Class, Section and Teacher schedules with logos.
  • Versioning support.
  • Role based permissions.
  • Auditing.

Fee Management
: This feature has billing, fee collection based on different fee packages. And it supports all the Organizations and Institutions (School, Colleges and other Educational Institution) for any type of Private and Public academic institution, where it is flexible to use this software through out the world Organization and its Institutes. It is very effectively track the fee details of past, future and current.

  • Easy Fee Elements Configurations. E.g.: Admission, Tuition, Examination fees.
  • Define Fee Groups based on the student categories. Example: SC, ST, OBC, General.
  • Facility to define and collect fees in multiple installments.
  • Version Upgrades.
  • Track the paid fee details, Balance and Current Details.
  • SMS alerts.
  • Auditing.

Attendance Management
: SkoolBag provides an efficient, time saving easy attendance features. Attendance marking is now an easy task and managing it is much easier. Teacher or Attendance clerk has a provision to give attendance to student with statuses like present, absent, tardy or on leave. Attendance can be marked at start of school or at start of each period wise or Day wise.You can add or delete attendance for a specified group of students. SkoolBag also provides Student Wise, Teacher wise, Class wise and School wise Reports and Graphs.

Grade Management:
This management helps scheduling of the exams, grades or marks, its timings for all the courses or subjects. It mainly divides the schedule between class to class and section to section. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources.  According the school norms you can define the Examinations and its timings and as well minimum and maximum marks for each subject.

  • Easy customize process.
  • Effective Grade Elements customization
  • One time definition for multiple classes and sections
  • Version Upgrade system
  • Easy Tracking system

E-learning: It is one prominent solution in the SkoolBag Enterprise suite aimed for Educational institutions. This solution aims at putting together an integrated e-learning environment for students and teachers. This can also be used by learning programs offered by Distant Education Institutes, in order to enable students to avail of academic facilities from any computer connected to the internet. The following is the broad level of functionality provided by this module.

  • Make teacher/tutor’s desktop, whiteboard, presentation, application visible to students enabling e-learning.
  • Let students communicate with teacher using Instant Messaging and chat.
  • Engage Students with interactive sessions.
  • Sessions can be recorded and replayed.
  • Let teacher/tutor share or upload/publish assignment, Question bank, course materials, tutorials.
  • Access students Desktops for debugging purposes.

This is a web-based synchronous and asynchronous learning environment. Students can join a live virtual class which is teacher/tutor led from any computer connected to the internet. Students can also download and replay the recordings of live sessions which they missed. The feature leads to the development of moderated electronic communities, which, in addition to learning goals, will enable participants to maintain communication channels with peers and the course tutor/moderator. 
Flash Cards: Too much information or having to wade through too much irrelevant information can be really distracting to anyone trying to learn about a new concept. Flashcards allow you to place small amounts of focused and relevant information on them at a time which are easy to access anytime you want them. You can learn the material you need to learn without any distraction or extra time spent.

Advanced Authentication:
Information can be    accessed    anywhere,   anytime.   SkoolBag offers     identity theft   protection for all of its solutions by making it difficult for   attackers    to steal users'    online identities. This feature is highly useful   when   information   is available   on    internet   and complies   with the   security   standards   of    Online Banking.  Our   Enhanced  Login  Security  feature  helps  protect you  against   the threat   of   identity     theft  and   fraud by   requiring  you   to   provide  something additional  beyond  your   userid and  password  to  log in.  By placing  a   "cookie“ on   our  computer,  we  now    confirm   your   identity   as    the  true    owner    of  your     accounts    using   the   correct     combination   of  your   member   number, Password    and   your  computer.   When   the    "cookie"   is    not   identified,   the answers  to     three   Challenge   Questions   must  be     provided   before  you  can access your data.    This enhanced security means  that  even    if    someone   steals  your  password  and     Userid,   the    fraudster    cannot  access    your      accounts without     also     knowing    the    answers   to      the    Challenge    Questions    or  possessing  your  computer . In     other   words,   Enhanced   Login   Security   can give you   more peace of mind

Role Based permissions:
This feature is an approach to restricting module access to authorized users only. The fundamental concept in role-based security is that privileges are assigned to defined categories of users (known as roles) rather than to individual users. When a user is assigned to one of these roles, he or she is assigned the set of privileges associated with that role. A user who is not assigned to a role does not have any privileges. In SkoolBag, a role describes a defined set of responsibilities within the organization, for example, a attendance clerk, Help desk representative. A privilege authorizes the user to perform a specific action on a specific object type. For example, attendance clerk does not have the privilege to assign  grades, but he has only access to attendance management.

Multi institute support:
Typically an organization will have multiple institutes or branches spread over with physical distance apart. In any case, administrative staff can be same through out the organization or each institutes can have their own administration; but still under one organizational view. SkoolBag is the only unique product which has support for multi institutions support under single organization in centralized database. No need of installing or deploying in multiple campus with skoolbag.

SMS (Text Messaging):
SMS is now recognized as a ultimate choice in many educational institutions; a cost effective way of keeping the entire school community engaged in the education process. SkoolBag sends messages about event cancellations, fees reminders, notices, grades, any alerts to students, parents. Studies have shown that SMS attendance-alerts to parents can reduce truancy by 50% or more.

Help Desk :
Every small to large educational organization is flooded with lot of inquiries everyday. Tracking all these is very vital for business. SkoolBag has integrated help desk features like Inquiries, Registration with email support. This also helps administrators to know from home, whats coming and gives you insight on what students are looking for.
Transportation Management: This management is mainly designed to ensure complete control over the institutions fleet of buses. And this features Provides bus stop & route allocation to student/staff, number of students on each stop/route, number of stops on each route, maintenance of vehicle log book, vehicle tax & insurance information, vehicle maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for various occasions. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.

Students, Parents, Teachers information system :
SkoolBag Web V2.1 is interactive web solution for Students , Teachers and  Parents  of an educational institutions and  has improved access to real time data, up to the minute statistical and information and they can accessible from any computer, any time, any where with in school/college/institutes  and from internet web globally.

  • Parents can avail their children’s day to day information like assignments,    

academic, reports, next examination details and fee information online and as well as emails, voice mail alerts. Teachers

  • Teacher can assign the secured marks to students for his subject and he

          can track the student information through online.

    • Students can access their marks, attendance and all other related information  from any where throughout the world.

Key Features

  • Single centralized database
  • Enriched student, parent, teacher information system.
  • CMS enabled website portal & enhanced Security.
  • Integrated administrative solution with various management modules,reports.