Getting started with SkoolBag is simple: Once you have established with your choice of SkoolBag editions which is a combined effort based on your interest, amount of maintenance work, infrastructure, security concerns, pricing model, current features, custom changes etc; We request you to buy it and finish the contract agreements. (Please ask our sales for more information). An Edition comes with a prepackaged set of features and its own pricing. At any time customer can upgrade features individually or upgrade to higher plan.

  • Migration: First thing we ask for is any artifacts about your existing data model and current design. Our data specialists, data entry team will start working on data migration plan into SkoolBag database. Based on your current data and its model, we will evaluate how long does the migration take to get ready to use SkoolBag. We will discuss about your interest towards features in SkoolBag. Simple extra features needed for you will be evaluated and custom changes are doable.
  • Organize: Organize everything you need to manage your organizations according to your requirements. Setup classes, sections, teams, create access accounts and store students, parents & Teachers information, organization preferences, website etc.
  • Prepare: Schedule timetables for each class, teacher. Prepare all management tools or modules like fees, attendance, grade, examinations, and transport.
  • Use: From office, lab, home at no additional cost; parents, teachers, administrators, students can leverage online access to your organization and see information up to date. Information is secured, backed up, and readily accessible from around the world securely for any number of years.
SkoolBag 3.0 Features Skoolbag Versions
1. Setup & Administration
2. Complete Web browser based (IE 7 & Firefox 3+, Chrome)
3. One Website Domain , One Website Design & setup per institution
4. Role Based permissions: Employees get access to what role is assigned.
15. Your own Logos
6. Multi campus support- Gives ability to manage or upgrade to multiple institutions under one organization or Group.
7. Automatic Backup (online with us) Twice in a Day Twice in a Day Replicated Replicated
8. Advanced Authentication
9. Organization reports
10. Institution reports
11. Maximum Number of institutions allowed under one organization 1 2 3 Any
12. Help Desk Features -Inquiries, Registrations
13. Enrollments - Students and Staff (capture photos with web camera included)
14. Availability 0.99 0.99 0.999> 0.999
15. Technical Support (Included) Basic Basic Basic Basic
16. Fee Management(versioning supported)
17. Attendance Management
18. Grade Management
19. Timetable Management (Versioning supported)
20. Promote Management (for Next Academic Year)
21. Student Management
22. SMS Integration with Fees, Attendance, grades, general Alerts
23. Payroll Management
24. Transport Management
25. Your Organization Marketing Materials - One Brochure, One Visiting Card theme and can apply to your employees
26. Student Information system (web login for students, Parents,Teachers)
27. CMS Website
28. Multi Language Support
29. SSL Authentication
30. Question Bank (Beta)
31. Basic SEO marketing- SEO will help your website standout in search engines like google, yahoo. It helps parents,prospective students easily get to your website on the web
- can be upgraded

Key Features

  • Single centralized database
  • Enriched student, parent, teacher information system.
  • CMS enabled website portal & enhanced Security.
  • Integrated administrative solution with various management modules,reports.